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Shutters that enhance the style of your home, that it is a rural country house or a modern apartment

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Our shutters in Florence

Quality shutters, which last over time and are resistant to weather, such as wind and rain. Your home environment will be isolated from excessive heat and intense cold and will have excellent acoustic insulation.

House with Emme Persiane blinds Modern house with Emme Persiane blinds Detail of Emme Persiane closing device Window-door with custom shapes

Darkening fixtures and shutters

We chose to rely on Emme Persiane, an Italian brand of great reliability in the shading and blinding industry. Italian shutters built by those who know our needs! Perfect for cities and for those who live in more isolated places, these shutters allow you to improve both the acoustic and thermal insulation of your homes!

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After-Sales Assistance

Upon request after the installation of the new shutters purchased by you, our installers will be able to provide assistance for proper disposal of old shutters in compliance with the regulations of your municipality. We care about the environment!

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Our showroom fixtures exhibition

Fixtures and windows

Combine your shutters with the most appropriate window frames and we will be able to advise you on the best product to be installed.

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