02 May 2018


The best protection from the sun and from the summer heat.

The days are longer, the gardens are filled with flowers: the beautiful season has finally arrived. Summer is approaching with the opportunity to enjoy a lot of sun, pleasant on the beach, but inside the house can be annoying.

And this is the moment for a healthy investment, especially if we do not have a good thermal protection.

You can start saving on energy costs by reducing heat  transmission  that decisively influence consumption. It is therefore useful to think about isolation.

This is the most important feature to keep a warm environment in winter and cool in summer. More energy is needed to lower the temperature than to raise it.

We check our fixtures.

The only solution is the windows with high energy efficiency to grant an always pleasant temperature, without excesses.

Starting from the standard equipment, our windows are designed to offer you good thermal insulation in winter and effective heat protection in summer. The use of special solar control glasses increases the reflection of the sun's rays towards the outside, reinforcing the shielding effect.

Yes in natural light, not in the summer heat

The excellent performances of the solar control glass (by Finstral): to allow a high transmission of natural light, at the same time guaranteeing a valid protection against excessive heat. Even in the hottest summer days, they contribute to keep a pleasant climate inside the rooms, reducing the need to resort to air conditioning systems. The principle of double glazing is based on the fact that the installation allows the use of 2 spaced glasses. The more the slabs are separated from each other, the greater the isolation obtained.

Respect for the environment and maximum energy efficiency.

What is the best way to protect the house from solar irradiation?

We all want a bright home and lots of daylight in the individual rooms with the warm sunlight that penetrates the environment even in winter creating a pleasant  atmosphere.

In the summer months, however, the sun can overheat the rooms in the central hours of the day. To prevent this, you need effective sun protection that meets various requirements. The protection from solar irradiation, must have an easy maintenance, long life and also be in line aesthetically with the appearance of the house. Aluminum shutters offer the ideal sun protection solution that meets all technical and aesthetic requirements.

The external accessories protect the rooms of the house from heat up to 8 times better than the internal accessories. 

Windows must be protected from sunlight with external screens.

When they are closed, the shutters help to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation values ​​of the frame.

We can still save money by replacing the shutters. These must be possibly light colors (they repel the heat while keeping the one produced inside the house).

Tissue  curtains ...

Prevention is better than cure.

The replacement of the fixtures is a work that must be planned well in advance.

In fact, it is necessary to contact a technician of your trusted reseller who makes an inspection of your home, understands your needs, offers you clear and transparent solutions that satisfy you. You will then receive the relevant quotes, which will allow you to proceed with the purchase of the most suitable solution for your home. After 2 months, the new windows will usually be assembled.

It is therefore important to plan ahead without delaying the choice for a long time, risking another hot summer.

This is the time for a well thought out choice.

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