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Inside doors and outside doors suitable for every functional need. We make installations in Florence and throughout Tuscany!

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Doors and docks in Florence

We provide the best doors, both as materials and as finishes; from the classical or handmade wooden door ideal for a rustic country cottage, modern design, and modern door to the most modern flats.

Entrance door of Dorica Castelli Sliding door and swing door Dorica Castelli Swinging doors with Dorica Castelli with engravings Dorica Castelli Interior Door Entrance Door2000 wooden door Door2000 glass sliding door Door2000 frame with glass door

Inside/Outside Doors

We chose for you the Door 2000, GD Dorigo and Dorica Castelli brands for interior doors. Beauty, quality and design made in Italy. As expert wood craftsmen we could only choose well-made products for your homes. Do you want to see and touch our products? Book a visit to the showroom.

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Which door to choose?

Before installing your new door, ask for a free consultation and a free quote. Are you renovating your home? Find out if you can recover 50% of the costs thanks to the bonuses available! Ask our consultants for a free opinion!

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Windows with anti-hatches

Security and Armored Fixtures

Do you want to make your house even safer? Choose an armored outside door or armored inside door, guaranteed anti-burglary.

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