Monday 25 June 2018

Two million home burglaries in 10 years. About 230 thousand unwanted break-ins in apartments and villas per year. Italy is in 6th place in Europe.

Here are some simple rules to follow to avoid them (for other advice


If you plan to stay away from home for a few days, leave a small light on: (install a small device with a timer, to turn it on and off during the hours you set).


Avoid hedges in the garden or trees near the windows because they provide excellent support for thieves to climb. Arrange the driveway and cut the grass before leaving, an untidy garden may suggest that the landlord has been away for a long time.


Take an inventory of the valuables you have at home. Photograph them: it could be useful in case of theft.

Avoid hiding your precious objects in closets, drawers, back panels or the area below the carpets, generally they are the first places where thieves look in search of something


Collaborate with your neighbors: leave them your mobile number so they can immediately warn you in case of any problems. Bring with you the phone numbers of Police and Carabinieri closer to your home.

If you stay away from home for a long time, pay attention to the mailbox: ask someone to pick up the mail for you. Many correspondence in a mailbox attracts the attention of the bad guys.


Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Do not share all the stages of your holiday (starting from the start): thieves also use these tools to better study the goal of their thefts.


On the intercom on the outside, put only the last name: the names indicate the number of people living in the house and this is a useful indication for thieves.


Last but not least, it is the advice to install grilles or armored shutters on the windows and an armored door with peephole and security lock.

In this regard, Legno Service & Art also offers you an original and unique product:

Rollgrate, the grille and armored roller shutter. The first security window that conveniently and effectively combines two doors and windows in one: safety grilles that preserve lighting and ventilation, and armored shutters for maximum protection.

ROLLGRATE is a roller shutter. Choose, from time to time, the configuration that best suits your needs with the simple command of an electric button! Rollgrate is a simple and revolutionary idea that can be applied in any context without any masonry work: just the existence of a roller shutter (or gate valve) and with the motorization of the roller, you're done!

Rollgrate is an innovative idea that combines, in a simple way, the comfort of the shutter with the safety of the grating. It is an exclusive patent-protected product that concentrates a variety of specially designed solutions.

Rollgrate offers more protection than traditional doors and windows. The terminal part of Rollgrate (in armored shutter mode), is made up of a much more compact and solid body than the standard armored shutters, which is significantly more resistant to break-in attempts.

Rollgrate is safe: the resistance is guaranteed by a "armored shutter body", joined to a "grating body", both in steel.

Why is Rollgrate comfortable to handle? Thanks to its exclusive automatic closing mechanism does not require locks. Rollgrate raises the burden of having to handle keys and the worry that these can be lost or end up in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Come and visit us, at our Show Room in Incisa (Fi) you will find a wide range of security products, (anti-burglar-proof windows, etc.).

We are then available for a visit to your home, for an evaluation of old windows and to find with you the solution that best suits your needs for energy saving, safety.

If you need other information about your home in italy , contact us!

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