14 August 2018

The decision to change your windows always requires a broad and accurate analysis.

Multiple points of view to consider in order to arrive at a well thought out choice.

Legno Service & Art identifies four points of view and accompanies you in the analysis, by suggesting you how to split windows and fixtures.

Each one represents an aspect linked to the frame: from the external side, from the center, from the inside, all that is around.

Let's start from EXTERIOR from the aesthetics of the house.

We choose the shape, the frame, the material, the surface and the style elements so that they fit perfectly into the façade of your home. 

The window thus contributes to enhancing the aesthetic impact of the entire building.


Define the aesthetics and protection of new windows.

Always a personalized aesthetic, with a wide range of materials, colors and shapes of the frames.


Choose the most suitable material for your new windows and fixtures.

PVC or aluminum?

Both materials are versatile, particularly resistant to weather and long-lasting.

Color: Available colors satisfy every taste.

Wide range of colors and surfaces, for a window that respects the aesthetics of the facade and meets your tastes.

PVC - Smooth satin embossing decoration with wood effect.

Aluminum: smooth (200 colors) fine structure (25 colors) decoration with wood effect

Frame shapes: find the model you like best: classic-line, Slim-line, step-line, Nova-line, Ferro-line.

Details of style: perfection lies in the detail: panels, strips, ornamental glasses, decorative elements.


Our windows and fixtures are equipped with security hardware to make it more difficult to unhinge the door.

Do you want to further increase security?

Safety hardware (including handle with key).

Multiprotect laminated safety glass.

Sensor to be connected to the alarm system.


All our shielding devices are made to match the windows.

Roll up.




Pleated curtain.

Reflective glass.


Choose the ideal system to protect your environments from prying eyes and excessive sun.

Always coordinated with the window frame.

Internal Venetian blind

Ornamental glass


Legno Service always provides complete and effective solutions.

The range of solutions proposed is very wide


An almost infinite choice of possibilities allows you to find the right solution for you. A wide range of materials, shapes and surfaces to customize the window and the fixtures according to your tastes.


Easy to clean, elegant and durable, or warm and natural. Choose the material that best suits the style of your home.

Wood, (very wide range of essences and colors), Wood-Aluminum, PVC, Aluminum.

Color / surface

Depending on the material you want to make windows with. There is a wide choice of road colors and embossed or satin finishes. (on PVC Aluminum Wood).

Frame shape: traditional shapes, modern style minimalist lines.

Handles / hinges

The window must fit in the house and the handle will match the window.

Intuitive use

No complicated instructions are required, our products are easy to use. The hardware is always of quality.

The correct air exchange is very important especially in the renovation of old buildings. The higher resistance of the new windows should not lead to a greater risk of condensation.

These summarizes some considerations to be taken into account when deciding to change and then how to choose new windows and fixtures.

But we believe that decisive is the meeting with trained and competent technicians, the possibility of obtaining free advice at home and a visit to the Show Room; these remain essential steps to be able to enter into the concreteness of the problems that are similar and at the same time particular for each one.

Contact us for more information! We are at your disposal!

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