11 April 2019


You will certainly have heard of energy savings, it is a topic of great interest, both in terms of international politics and on a personal level because it has become one of the most important items in the domestic budget.


More and more people decide to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, as we said, with great feedback in terms of economic savings.

For us Italians it has become a common place to immediately attribute the faults of any high bills to their energy supplier.

Few people really ask themselves about the causes of high consumption and even less those who then go first to change their habits or simply to learn about "good practices" and then put them into practice.

We therefore try to further investigate this topic together.

What is Energy Saving?

It is the set of all those practices, which will allow us to considerably reduce our energy consumption.

Energy savings can therefore be achieved mainly in 3 ways:

- Transformation from a high consumption energy form to a more efficient and less expensive form (use of Renewable Sources);

- Modification and optimization of all the energy processes necessary for the elimination and amortization of excess in consumption;

- Use of materials and tools to improve energy efficiency (thermal insulation of glass and building fixtures)

Where do you start and what are the most useful energy tools to use?

It is essential to begin by analyzing and modifying our habits in order to reduce or even eliminate any waste.

The most common are: prefer the shower to the bathroom, when you don't need to turn off the lights, use an extra blanket and lower the heating or even turn it off if not necessary, take the car as little as possible, etc ...

In addition to changing our habits and the daily devices that can reduce waste, we must analyze the current status of the building in which we live, in order to understand effectively whether the building has any structural or environmental problems.

(In this regard it has been written an article on the actual consumption of our heating systems in Italy, which are the cause of much of the pollution in our cities)

It provides a complete energy diagnostic assessment highlighting those that are current consumption and possible waste.

Usually the two main factors that influence this diagnosis are the lighting and thermal insulation of the building's fixtures.

Also in this current year, the government has confirmed the incentives for changing fixtures or interiors necessary for energy improvement, here you can find an article on this year's news.

For any information on deductions and exchange of your fixtures or doors, call us!

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